What Are You Really Buying?​​


Dux Quest was an early type of black plastic piping used in houses in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s. It was one of the first Polybutylene plumbing systems introduced into New Zealand. When the piping was found to be problematic Dux Industries widely publicised the situation. They offered to replace the product for homeowners or pay for replacement.

If Dux Quest plumbing is well installed and supported (no hanging or loose sections) it is much less likely to leak.

There is little recourse for property buyers who find that they have Dux Quest plumbing in their rental or home. The warranty on it has long since expired and the company that sold it has gone. The Government insists that it’s not a major problem and does not intend to consider leaky building claims against Dux Quest. Short of being able to prove that the buyer got confirmation from the vendor that there were no issues with leaks, there is no one to run to other than a good plumber.

If your building inspection reports Dux Quest in your property, it’s wise not to take it too lightly. Have a plumber advise on your best course of action.

Dux Quest Plumbing Inspection Dunedin

If during your Dunedin Building Inspection your inspector reports the plumbing product Dux Quest in the property you would do well to be concerned. This product has a history of failing and it typically starts with a small leak at a join or a pin-prick hole but is also know to burst creating significant repair costs.