What Are You Really Buying?ā€‹ā€‹

e) Roof Space

Below, you can see the insulated roof space with fiberglass insulation installed. Observed timbers appear in reasonable order for the age of the dwelling. Roofing paper installed under newer iron.

Below, plaster board can be seen behind the sarking indicating the scrim has been removed prior to relining.  

Below, the two unbraced header tanks with overflows installed.   

Below, the excessive corrosion in old roofing iron at the gutter line.

b) Sub-floor

Subfloor appears un-insulated. Visible piles appear nailed to bearers. Connections appear poor with many piles connected with wood spacers.  Visible joists and bearers appear in reasonable order for age of dwelling but rot was found in timber with ground contact.  Vents appear inadequate and I expect sub-floor to be inadequately ventilated. Floor level testing indicates mostly uneven pile settling. Bora levels appear typical. No lateral bracing. Subfloor soil is damp and dwelling would benefit from the installation of ground sheeting.

Below posts that have a direct connection to ground are mostly rotten below ground. 

Below piles inadequately supported with bricks.

Below, ground around piles at and to the left of subfloor access door has been excavated leaving the piles inadequate supported. Level testing above indicates slumping with door frames falling out of square. Further evaluation required by HouseTest Building Inspections Dunedin.. 

a) Site
sloping site that appears adequately drained. The ground levels appear adequate around the dwelling. Access paths appear serviceable. Fencing is mostly organic.  

c) Exterior

Below, overall the cladding appears in reasonable order for age of dwelling but some rot was noted particularly at foundation and in window sills. 

Below soffit and fascia and guttering appear in reasonable order for their age.

Below the single glazed mostly sash windows appear in reasonable order but many need easing. Some wood rot was noted in sills. 

Below, rot found in some subfloor cladding boards.

Below, rot in sills and in timber capping boards. 

d) Roof Exterior

Below the inner roofing iron and flashing appear at the beginning of its service life but the outer iron and flashing appears at the end of its service life with excessive corrosion noted at the gutter line.  Expect it to leak although infrared did not indicate any active leaks.          

Below the masonry chimney cap is in a poor state with visible cracked mortar. Expect pot belly stove to function but all other fireplaces should not be operated.

Below the chimney at left of dwelling uncapped and unlined.

Below, excessive corrosion in iron at gutter line. 

Further evaluation required by HouseTest Building Inspections Dunedin.. 

f) Interior

Overall a tidy interior for its age. Floor level testing indicate un-level floors throughout the dwelling. I tested most windows and found wood framed windows to mostly to need easing. Windows appearing as single glazed. Electrical switches and outlets appear as mixed original to modern. Paint finishes throughout interior appear in reasonable order. I expect the 1 heat pump and wood burner will prove adequate to heat living/dining rooms over winter. Mostly plasterboard lining throughout.                            

Below, movement noted in door frames and excessive movement noted in kitchen and bathroom doors expected from the undermined piles below with the living room door appearing buckled all doors in this area failing to close properly. Further evaluation required.

Below, heat-pump and wood burner.   

Below the kitchen appears in functional order. Mixer tap needs replaced. Filter-less extractor fan is venting to chimney cavity but needs to vent externally. 

Below the bathroom tested in functional order. Reasonable outlet flow noted. No heater or extractor fan noted.    

Below, slumping noted in the area of the kitchen/hallway door. Door frames in this area are excessively out of square. Expect piles below to be the cause. Living-room door is buckled and needs replaced. Further evaluation required.

Below I tested floors for level and found floors mostly out of level throughout the dwelling with a downward tilt noted in front left bedroom and slump noted in kitchen bathroom area.           

Below, Iā€™m happy with the moisture readings for kitchen and bathroom and laundry.

Below the 2005 180l water heater. I expect it to be adequate for the dwelling and delivers adequate presser to the outlets. Not Tested. Further evaluation required by HouseTest Building Inspections Dunedin.