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Building inspections and building reports in Dunedin including - Pine Hill, Dalmore, and Liberton, Dunedin North, North East Valley and The Gardens, Normanby and Mount Mera, Opoho, Ravensbourne, Shiel Hill, Waverley, and Vauxhall, Andersons Bay, Tahuna, and Tainui, Musselburgh, St Kilda, St Clair and Forbury, Corstorphine and Kew, Calton Hill, Caversham and Lookout Point, Mornington, Maryhill, and Balaclava, Roslyn and Belleknowes, Maori Hill and Prospect Park, Woodhaugh, Glenleith, and Leith Valley, Ocean Grove (Tomahawk) Outer suburbs, Port Chalmers, Maia and Burkes, Saint Leonards, Roseneath, Sawyers Bay, Portobello, Broad Bay, Macandrew Bay, Challis and The Cove, Waldronville, Concord and Burnside, Green Island, Abbotsford, Fairfield, Mosgiel, Wingatui, Kaikorai Valley, Kenmure, Kaikorai, and Bradford, Brockville, Halfway Bush, Wakari and Helensburgh.

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A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection is a visual evaluation of the condition and functionality of the home’s major systems and components, which are visible and accessible. For example, sub-floor is inspected, ceiling space is inspected, cladding system is inspected, site, fences and retaining is inspected, doors and windows are opened and closed, roof-covering materials are inspected, and the air-conditioning and heating systems are checked/operated. The inspector will also investigate crawl spaces and ceiling spaces for defects, run the shower(s), and flush the toilet(s). Following your inspection, you will receive a written report.

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Our Full Inspections Include:REPORT OVERVIEW, STRUCTURE, SUB-FLOOR/PILES,  ROOFING, EXTERIOR, ELECTRICAL, HEATING, COOLING / HEAT PUMPS, INSULATION / VENTILATION, PLUMBING, INTERIOR, APPLIANCES, FIREPLACES / WOOD STOVES, MAINTENANCE ADVICE. Also roof, vents, flashing and trim, gutters and downspouts; skylight, chimney, and other roof penetrations, decks, stoops, porches, walkways and railings, eaves, soffit and fascia; grading and drainage, basement, foundation and crawlspace, water penetration, and foundation movement, heating system, cooling system, main water shut-off valves, water heating system, interior plumbing fixtures and faucets, drainage sump pump with accessible float, fireplace damper door and hearth, insulation and ventilation; garage doors, safety sensors and openers, and much more!

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So what's in your inspection report?

Well that's a worse case scenario but how would you know without a thorough inspection? Is there asbestos? Rotten Timber Piles? Has the house been used as a meth lab? Is the foundation going to give way? Mold? Rising Damp? Insulation? Bora? Dux Quest Plumbing? TRS wiring? VIR wiring? Pile Failure? Water ingress? Scrim? The list goes on and on and it's always better to know before you buy just what it is your buying. The best basis for you purchase is full knowledge of the property !

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​​We’ll inspect any house from the basement floor to the roof ridge, from the backyard fence to the front gate. We use the latest technology available to check everything from ants to zone valves. Certified Professional Inspectors create peace of mind by detecting all those things that get missed with the untrained eye, answer all of the tricky questions and help you jump over every hurdle.

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Do you want a thorough building inspection that leaves you with a detailed understanding of the entire property from ridge line to fence line? A building inspection that includes a detailed inspection of the sites drainage, fencing and retaining walls? A building inspection that includes a detailed inspection of the sub-floor, ceiling space and cladding? A building inspection report from will let you know exactly what you’re getting into good and bad in easy to understand Plain English.

At we put the house you'd like to own through a multitude of tests to make sure it's truly a home you want to buy. Call us today for a comprehensive property report with 24 hour report delivery.  What Are You Really Buying? Phone 032 606 888

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